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Words fail to describe how much I appreciate you doing this for me. I love this deviation so much, but believe it or not, it wasnt enti...

Tree of Light by Knight-Dawn

This is amazing stuff you do. Although, quite honestly, this is kind of unlike you in the fact that it is atmospheric and somewhat dark...

Heroes Guide by Past-Chaser

Really good work here. Navi's face looks extremely realistic. Fi almost sort of gives off the feeling you would get from a statue, Midn...

In the meadow with Epona by ChristalLovePkmn

Very nice. You did good at showing Epona in Toon Style even though she looks kind of anime-ish, and even though this is drawn in toon s...

With Sonic and Elise's wedding approaching, they need to pick a best man & a maid of honor. I have two choices for each one, choose the combo you think would work best. 

17 deviants said Tails and Cosmo
5 deviants said Tails and Sally
1 deviant said Manic and Sally
1 deviant said Manic and Cosmo
I found this in Sapphyre-Gem's journal and decided to try it.

The story is... You've somehow acquired a magical dimension-splicing conversion van and are planning an epic cross-country road trip with your friends and fandom. First, pick ten travel buddies from anywhere - real life, fiction, OCs, FC's, celebrities, whatever. Then answer these questions to see how cracktastic your adventure turns out to be.

1. Mario
2. Princess Peach
3. Link
4. Saria
5. Fox McCloud
6. Krystal
7. Sonic the Hedgehog
8. Princess Elise
9. Gordon Freeman
10. Chell

1. The GPS has an obnoxious voice. What does 9(Gordon) name it, & is 7(Sonic) bothered by it?

GPS: In 45 feet, turn right.
Gordon: Could you please turn down the mini-intercom?
GPS: In 30 feet, turn right.

2. 8(Elise), 4(Saria), 6(Krystal), and 1(Mario) are all forced to share the cramped back row of seats. How do they arrange themselves?

Elise:This isn't so bad.
Krystal: Where am I supposed to put my tail again? I'll just stick it between my lap and Saria's...
Saria: HEY! You're getting fuzz on my ocarina!
Mario: *having trouble fitting with his wide size* MAMA MIA!

3. 5(Fox) & 10(Chell) are sitting next to each other. Who gets the window seat?

Fox: I don't really care where i sit.
Chell: I'll take it. I have a new appreciation for the outside world after the Aperture escape!

4. 3(Link) & 4(Saria) are invading each other's personal space. Who gets annoyed first & how do they deal with it?

*theyre too busy sharing a romantic moment to be mad*

5. What habit does 8(Elise) have that might get on 2(Peach)'s nerves?

*the car goes over a puddle and hydroplanes*
*Elise looks forward nervously*
Peach: Elise, how can you not freak out at a time like this?
Elise: I had half a Sun God imprisoned inside me for fifteen years and couldn't cry or it would get out! I'm still getting used to showing emotion again!
*I regain control of the car and bank back into the lane*

6. Who's more likely to start up a round of "99 Bottles", 1(Mario) or 7(Sonic)?

Mario: Ninety-nine-a bottles of coke on-a the wall-
Link: This is gonna be a long trip.
Sonic: I'd be there already if I went on foot!

7. Would you trust 9(Gordon) or 10(Chell) to get behind the wheel for a while?

Gordon: Do you need a break from driving?
Me: sure, but please remember this van is a lot heavier and slower than that scout buggy you drive!
Gordon: I can handle that. I AM a physicist, after all!

8. You stop at a gas station and 5(Fox) & 3(Link) make a snack-and-supply run. What do they bring back?

Fox: Popcorn and cola, anyone?
Link: I got some mini danish pastries. Strawberry Filling or grape?
*everyone picks what they want and we get back on the road*

9. 6(Krystal) and 8(Elise) brought CD's. What's on their playlist?

Krystal: I brought a track of some music.
Fox: What's on it?
*Krystal puts the cd in the stereo and Linking Park's "The Catalyst" plays*
Elise: I call the next song.
*she puts her disc into the stereo and ATC's "Around the World" begins playing*
Me: Alright, this is one of my jams here!

10. Who's the more notorious backseat driver, 2(Peach) or 10(Chell)?

*goes over a bump in the road*
Peach: CAREFUL! You have a PRINCESS back here!
Link: So what? Zelda's a princess too, but she would never act like you are now.
Saria: I agree.
Elise: I'M a princess too, but do you see me demanding quality transportation?
Sonic: *smiling* that's my girl.



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Hello, all! Folks call me Novagon, I'm a writer/artist (though I am a candidate for world's worst drawing skills). I am also the #1 fan of LinkxSaria, and occasionally, Ill write a little oneshot featuring them.


You're an awesome dude! Never give up your interest in art!
Mon Apr 13, 2015, 5:40 AM
Don't give up! keep fighting for what you believe is right
Thu Mar 5, 2015, 10:59 AM
Wed Feb 25, 2015, 9:12 PM



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